Tuesday, July 7, 2009

While No one Was looking.....

Tyrants moved to consolidate their positions, at the expense of human fredom and dignity.

A celebrity-idol worshipping country electes a celebrity president with no
qualifications but a an oratory and a supermodel fashion plate wife that
gives a dumbed down population the "warm and fuzzies" as they are led down the garden path to their doom. Such is the legacy of MTV, and so-called reality shows.

The Michael Jackson three ring circus to take place today is evidence of
this idol worship.

The media has become almost all Jacko all the time. The Mullahs in Iran knew
this and used the opportunity to mop up what could have been their undoing.
And Mr celebrity president aided and abetted them by winking at Ahmedinejad
for 10 days instead of expressing soldiarity with the freedom fighters. Neda Agha Sultan apparently has died in vain, as the media frenzy over a dead drug addicted popstar has pushed her into the proverbial "memory hole", and along with her, the Iranian people'shopes for a modicum of reform, and freedom.

And now because of the village idiot with "the look" Israel , a country that
still lives in the real world will have to take action and risk war and
casualties which might have been avoided had the Mullahs fallen.

While the United States and the western world gazes at its Jacksonite navel, the ChiComs are coming down with brutal force on its Uighur population in Xinjiang province. They have been waiting for just such a time as this to subdue the uighurs while nobody is paying attention. The Obama administration remains silent, as the Bush administrion did before it when it comes to human rights abuses by the ChiComs.Stephen Harper's Conservative government in Canada, has to its credit, spoken out consistently against Chinese communist human rights abuses, though they are on the wrong side of things in Honduras.

Yet with all this going on in the world that require immediate attention, the media drones on about the Michael Jackson memorial and anything else it can dredge up about the idol, and from what I can tell the people are eating it up while tyrants consolidate their positions.

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