Thursday, July 2, 2009

This Is Not The America I Know

When Barack Hussein Obama campagned on "change" he meant business. In 5 short months he has turned the USA from a force for good and liberty in the world, to one whose official policy seems to be dedicated to maintaining despots and oppressors in power just because they were elected, regardless of whether they were sham elections, such as in Iran, or if the instiututions of a truly democratic country defend the constitution against a despot, who happened to win one election 4 years ago, and then decided that his services were so indispensable that he had to steamroll a functioning constution to get his (or perhaps his puppetmaster's?) way.

Barack Hussein Obama dithered for nearly a fortnight when people at great risk to their very lives challenged a murderous lying dictatorship in the streets over the results of an election result which even a village idiot could see was fraudulent. The people were in the streets with signs in English, not Farsi, obviously asking for moral support from the west, which they saw (past tense) as an ally in their quest for freedom from a theocracy run by thugs in cleric's garb. Instead, The left leaning governments in Washington and London only said they were "monitoring the situation closely" and hoped to have talks with the government shortly. Some countries like canada and germany spoke harsh words of condemnation to the Mad Mullahs of teheran, but the voices that really carried iternational clout were hedging their bets.
Then when Honduras moved to defend its constitution and frredoms from a would-be despot who was closely aligned with the Chavez regime that currently holds the people of Venezuela, Barack Hussein Obama threw his lot in with the oppressors.
Imagine how the peoples of Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador and othe rplaces might have been emboldened to overthrowing their tyrants had Obama, the so-called leader of the free world stood by a country brave enough to stand up to the imperialist ambitions of Hugo Chavez?
Under the leadership of Barack hussein Obama, the United States has so far earned an F- in foreign affairs.
This does not bode well for the forces of freedom anywhere, as deranged dictators like Kim Jong-Il now feel that they can act with impunity while a man as weak, ignorant and incompetent, and perhaps more so than Jimmy Carter occupies the White House. Perhaps this is why Israel and Taiwan, two democracies who have good reason to believe that they will be thrown under the bus by the Obama regime that would prefer to be in the good graces of their more powerful undemocratic neighbours, have stood in solidarity with Honduras, since they realize that they can no longer rely on anyone but themselves and their own determination to survive, since the USA can no longer be counted on.
As Nile gardiner points out in the London Daily Telegraph: "If Chavez or Ahmadinejad were booted out by their own people it should be a cause of huge celebration in Washington. If the Honduran example is anything to go by though, team Obama would probably demand they be put back in power as the "elected" leaders of their country. Wouldn't it make sense if the United States went back to a policy of actually backing its friends and allies and actively seeking the demise of its enemies?"
Don't hold your breath.


Teresa KK said...

I heard you on the Quinn & Rose show thismorning. Thank you for articulating what is really going on. Most Americans really have no clue because the main stream media doesn't tell them anything. I'll be adding your blog to the list that I check out weekly.

Laura said...

I've finished co-writting an article in spanish about the situation. It's 10 pages long but it's worth the read. you can find a link to it on my blog...i hope You enjoy it and thank you for fighting for democracy, liberty, freedom and law.