Friday, July 3, 2009

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada Speaks Out on Honduras

In light of the Canadian government's cowardly, politically correct statement, I asked the leader of Canada's Christian Heritage Party where they stand on the presidential succession in Honduras:
Leader Jim Hnatiuk asked former leader Ron Gray to address the situation. Gray, who led the party from 1995-2009 had this to say:

"I'm sad, but not surprised, to see the Harper government siding with Chavez, the Castros and the Orgetas... and Obama.

A capsule summary:
Manuel Zelaya wanted to do in Honduras what Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela: amend the Constitution to allow him to be "president-for-life".

That's already grounds for Canadians to distance ourselves from him!

When the Honduran Parliament wouldn't go along with the plan, Zelaya began diverting money from other ministries to fund his "referendum", and to use the authority and reach of state media (while he still had his hands on the levers of power) to persuade the people to vote "Yes" to his power-grab.

The Honduran courts authorized the military to depose Zelaya, which they did; and to install an interim president to finish his term, after which there would be new elections... which they also did. That's not a "coup"! When the courts order a military action, the civilian government is still in control of the military, not the other way around.

What's important at that point is to watch closely whether the courts are acting constitutionally.

It's a mark of media laziness -- and government ignorance -- that they call that a "coup".

To our left-wing mainstream media, any involvement of the military in Latin American politics is "a coup". But in reality, it was the deposing of a would-be dictator. If the people want to return him to office, they can -- when he runs in an election where he does not have access to government funds and government media.

Odd, how much it all sounds like what's emerging in Canada!

In the meantime, there are now allegations that Zelaya was linked to a major cocaine-smuggling cartel.

Since the courts authorized the deposing of the would-be dictator-for-life, and it is in the courts that those allegations of criminality will be tried, Canada should take the position that the Honduran courts should be supported and protected -- and closely observed to ensure that they are not sliding into corruption and unconstitutional usurpation of power (like Canada's courts!). But Ottawa should not have lept to ally us with three communist dictatorships and the naivete of the American narcissist-in-chief."

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