Saturday, January 30, 2016

Who is Maria Divine Mercy?

(Originally published in March 2013)

Maria Divine Mercy is an Irishwoman who claims to be a prophetess who receives visions from Jesus and Mary pertaining to the future particularly the end times.

Why am I telling you this? She has quite a following (17 689 on Facebook, and who knows how many read her blog) and is, I believe leading many astray with her "prophecies" which she claims to receive from Jesus and Mary. Reading these very disturbing pieces smells of Satan: there is always a wee bit of truth mixed in with every lie, but enough of a hook to make it all sound credible.

Jimmy Akin published
"9 things you need to know about Maria Divine Mercy
", that make it clear that she is a false prophet.

She had predicted that Pope Benedict XVI would be forced to resign, and that the conclave would pick the false prophet to succeed him. Since the conclave she has posted-without saying his name- that Pope Francis is the false prophet spoken of in Revelation.

Look at this, and compare it to what we know about Francis:

Maria Divine mercy writes:

There is to be a particular insult, which will be inflicted upon My Holy Name, in an effort to desecrate Me, during Holy Week. This wicked gesture, during Holy Week, will be seen by those who keep their eyes open and this will be one of the signs by which you will know that the imposter, who sits on the throne in My Church on earth, does not come from Me.
My followers, you must know that the prophecies given to the world – warning of the time when the power, within My Church, will be seized by those who are loyal to the beast – are upon you. The time is now.
Remember that those who proudly display the badge of humility are guilty of pride. Pride is a sin.
Those who say that My Church must renew its image, update My Church’s doctrine and who say that, by modernising it, that this will be accepted by more people, then know this.
Those of you who say that you follow My Teachings, but who want laws changed to condone acts, which are sinful in My Eyes, get out of My Church now. You are not Mine. You have turned your backs on Me and are not worthy to enter My House. Yet, this is what will happen. You and all those of you who demand changes, which are embraced by the secular world, will be satisfied, for the false prophet will entice you into his favour and you will applaud every moment of his short lived reign. But, it will not be I, Jesus Christ, Who you will follow. You will be following a false doctrine, not of God.
So many will embrace the reign of the false prophet and push Me to one side with joy in their hearts. Then when the errors of his ways become apparent, My poor sacred servants will have nowhere to turn. Their sorrow will turn to fear and their fear will turn to despair. They won’t know who to trust, but they must understand this. My Body, My Church, may be scourged and desecrated but My Spirit can never be touched, for It can never die.
To those of you who reject My Word now and the Truth you are being given, as a special Gift from Heaven, I bless you. I will continue to pour My graces over you until you come back to Me. I will never give up until I can save your sorry souls.
So she claims that Pope Francis is an imposter. I stand in awe of her great wisdom which trumps that of 115 Cardinals. Not. It would take an airtight and vast conspiracy to pull something like that off, and the odds are a mathematical impossibility that even a dozen, let alone 77 could be in on such a conspiracy.
When has Pope Francis ever suggested that he intends to modernize church teaching, and update doctrine? Even if he had ever said such a thing, here's a little newsflash- he does not have the authority to change any church doctrine in the slightest.

Here is what Pope Francis has said on matters of church doctrine especially pertaining to morality:  Sounds pretty orthodox to me.
talk about Judgment : Who is she to say that Pope Francis isn't genuinely humble?  As to charges found elsewhere in her "prophecies" such as him exalting himself above Jesus I have not heard a Pope before stress the primacy of Jesus and His death on the cross as emphatically  as Francis has.  What i am seeing is not false humility, but a genuine imitation of Christ.   Pope John Paul could easily be accused of the same thing Read up on his life and eschewing of  the trappings and creature comforts of the world as documented  by Jonathan Kwitny in "Man of the Century" and George Weigel in "Witness to Hope" .
All of Maria divine mercy's "prophecies are flawed to one degree or another. Not one of them is a true hit. There is just enough vaguery to make them believable to many.

Well, the litmus test comes this month. she has predicted the following for Holy Week. Note the wiggle room she left herself:

There is to be a particular insult, which will be inflicted upon My Holy Name, in an effort to desecrate Me, during Holy Week. This wicked gesture, during Holy Week, will be seen by those who keep their eyes open and this will be one of the signs by which you will know that the imposter, who sits on the throne in My Church on earth, does not come from Me.

She does not tell us what this 'insult' will be. so when nothing happens she can wiggle out  by incorporating into her next prophecy where it will be revealed in greater detail.

There is one simple thing to remember that should be enough to protect you from falling for false prophets: Jesus Christ Himself said "The gates of hell shall not prevail against My church" .
And if a pope ever tried something resembling an abomination of desolation, don't you think that even in a church that has been infiltrated, that SOMEONE would call him out on it?
The test of a prophet is that they must be 100% right 100% of the time. What i see here  is someone whose track record is not much better than the astrology column in your daily newspaper... and probably has the same source, the father of lies.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mary Undoer of Knots: A Testimonial

Do you believe that prayer can change things?  I do.  On the Eve of the Solemnity of Mary, I went to confession and told Fr.  about a sin that I had committed several months before, whose consequences were still reverberating and  had me on the edge of financial and emotional ruin, and he absolved me as I had long ago repented and taken steps to change the situation, but these steps had yet to bear fruit, and time was running out, fast. I was headed for the wall at terminal velocity.  He gave me my penance, and that was to pray to “Mary Undoer of Knots” . I did the Novena over the next 9 days, and the changes began instantaneously.  The first night (I prayed the first day of the Novena the minute i got home) I felt peace for the first time in months, it then progressed to hope, and then, ultimately to a huge surprise.  15 days after I began the Novena (which i started over on day 10)  I received exactly the amount of money i needed  to pay back my arrears and to carry me through to when my regular stream of income would resume. Not a penny more, not a penny less.

Just as important, perhaps more so than the fact that Mary indeed undid the knots in my life, was the fact that for the first time I really understood Mary and her role, and she became a new mother to me.  It was, and continues to be an incredible experience,  So much so that I had to share it with whoever may be in need of Mary’s intercessory power. 

She is the Queen Mother, after all ,and has the ear of the King Himself.   Don’t believe me?  Look at the Books of  the KIngs. In the Davidic line of Kings of Judah, the Queen Mother is ALWAYS mentioned when a new King is introduced. It was an actual office.  In Fact, (see I Kings 15:9-14) King Asa  removed Maacah, his grandmother, from the office for having made an abominable image to Ashtoreth. (One must assume that Asa’s mother had died before he became king, and this his father’s mother remained in office, but I digress.)  Jesus is the culmination of the line of David, so in the Davidic tradition , Mary is the Queen Mother, and she will always intercede for ANY one of her children who seeks her aid.  Yes, pray directly to Jesus, but also to Mary, You could never have a better or stronger advocate.

 Here are two links to some pages where you can read about Mary in her role as Undoer of Knots and how to say the Novena itself.  This is nothing new, as St Irenaeus who lived in the 2nd century used it. It is becoming better known again, as it is one of Pope Francis favourites.

I hope that by sharing this, someone else might be helped by the intercession of Our Blessed Mother!
These links will open up new windows.

Meet the Popes: #266: Francis 2013- Currently reigning


When white smoke emerged from the Vatican chimney on March 13th 2013, speculation immediately began about which of the 20 or so Papabile would step out onto the loggia presently.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio was on almost nobody's radar  but when he stepped out and waved, he was endeared to almost everybody.

 Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born on December 17th 1936, in Buenos Aires , Argentina.  He is the first Pope to come from the New World.  he is also the first Pope of the Order of the Society off Jesus, colloquially known as the Jesuits.

He ascended to the Papacy on March  2013, after the conclave subsequent to the resignation of his predecessor Benedict XVI, and immediately rocked the world as he put his imprimatur on the office he holds, and thus, the Universal Church in general.

As he has been Pope for three years, much of his story remains unwritten as of yet. Nevertheless, even if it is a short Papacy,  the “Francis effect” will be felt for many years to come.

Pope Francis has been labelled by many as a liberal, and by others, mainly of a Traditionalist bent, as a heretic, or even an Antipope, some questioning the legitimacy of his reign, but if one examines things objectively  he has not made a single change in Church teaching, though he has clearly endeavoured to change the approach the Church takes, so that the Church and secular society will  be ina better position to dialogue.


One of his first and most controversial acts as Pope was the foot washing on Maundy Thursday, where he went to a youth detention center and  washed the feet of 12 young people, two of whom were girls, and two of whom were Muslim.  This is the first time a pope had washed the feet of any but men, although he had been known to include women while Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

That being said he has re-iterated the Church’s traditional stands on abortion, homosexual acts, marriage, contraception, the nature of the priesthood and other issues.  He has also been very vocal on the matter of the death penalty in keeping with the views of John Paul II.  What he has changed is the way the church expresses itself on these issues.
He has been accused of being soft on abortion and contraception, but what was actually said was that the Church must not limit itself exclusively to these issues, but rather go back to some of the things the church had long been involved with , such as calling for good environmental stewardship, solicitude for the poor, infirm and suffering, and mercy and forgiveness.

He has been busy on the diplomatic front as well, helping to broker the rapprochement between the United States and Cuba, and also engaging in dialogue with the leadership of other faiths.
If one takes the position that the Church must engage with the world in order to evangelize, then Francis emphasis  on a pastoral approach with a heavy dose of Divine Mercy may well be just what is needed for our times, and “the New Evangelization” which seeks to reach out to both fallen away Catholics, and to a lost world.  In a world where the art of dialogue, which involves bot speaking and listening with a view to understanding, rather than to reply.  By creating an environment where a sinner can come to find answers, while feeling welcomed and unjudged, but where the church does nit compromise on age-old teachings, we reach a point where  reason and faith can meet, and hearts can be won.


What we have is a situation where we have returned to the era of the early Church, where a ragtag group of people’s hearts were changed, and they in turn converted a pagan culture through the witness of their lives, being in tune with the teachings of Christ, as transmitted through the Apostles appointed by Him, and then passed on to the people, who through faith saw lives changed.  Today, we live in a postmodern culture which is for all intents and purposes, pagan.  It is a society where authority, especially where morals are concerned are rejected out of hand, and where what passes for reason excludes faith, just like it was in Roman times, so it stands to reason that change will come through the changed lives that result from faith in Jesus Christ, and the application of His teachings, and through the telling of His stories.  In other words, BE like Jesus, the Jesus the Church has transmitted to us since the first Good Friday.  The early Church was Catholic, as all historical documents tell us, and it will be the Catholic Church, the Body of Christ, that can and will transform the world again.

Pope Francis is engaging the world directly. He is appealing to youth, as it will be the youth that will transform the world of the future, It will be interesting to watch the changes that take place as the message sinks in and the fruit ripens.

Next Pope: #265 Benedict XVI (Pope Emeritus)  2005-2013