Sunday, July 12, 2009

Environmentalist Moonbat Al Gore takes off his mask

Al Goresays "US Climate Control Bill will help bring about Global Governance"... Thanks to the voters of his home state of Tennesee who denied him 11 Electoral College votes in 2000 saved us from getting President Al Gore.And to think he was once seen as a Blue Dog Democrat.
Global government is madness. When , not if, but when-best intentions notwithstanding-it slips into totalitarianism, Who will be left to liberate us?
If you want a glimpse at what global government will look like, watch what is going on in the world today: The "world" gangs up on Israel, and tries to impose its collective will there. The "world" rallies around thugs like Hugo Chavez and the "exclusive elite club" members (pretty much everybody but Israel and Taiwan) rush to his side, and try to impose their will on countries like Honduras who dare to follow the rule of law...Watch Taiwan. How long before the global elite sacrifice that freewheeling island democracy to the People's Republic of China?
It will be a tightly controlled world, whereby the elite whom we will be given the privelege of "electing" will impose economic restrictions. They will institute eugenics and population control programs in order to eliminate "useless mouths" to feed. And they will control minds through the media pushing an agenda of extreme social liberalism: promiscuity without commitment, legalized recreational drugs, rampant pornography,gambling (think about the tax revenues!) and mind numbing entertainment from a controlled, sycophantic media. The trends are already apparent, and only through protest and vigilance can we hold them at bay.
And in case you've heard anything to the contrary, Pope Benedict does speak for, but rather AGAINST Global government.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Tell The World What is Happening Here. This is our Revolution! We Will Not give up!"

Shouted one 26 year old engineer in the Streets of Teheran... "We Want Democracy!"

It seems the Iranian people won't let their dream of freedom die.The quoted Engineer was one of Thousands who braved armed revolutionary guards by turning out on the streets of Teheran on Thursday to once again protest the stolen election.

Most worthy of note, is that it seems this has now become a "people power" movement as Mir Hussein Mousavi and other "approved" presidential candidates stayed away from the protests vowing to pursue their complaints through the legal system. Can anyone say "surrender monkey"?

One witness gave this account: “The crowds are too huge to contain. Riot police running up and down Fatemi Street, beating people, barely got out of the way. The crowds just get out of their way and come back.”

Meanwhile, western politicians expressed their "concern". It seems we live in one of those times when our leaders choose political correctness instead of taking a clear stand in favour of those who would like the same freedoms we in the west enjoy.

So, if it is indeed "people power", then we the people need to stand up and show the solidarity that our leaders will not, with the Iranian people.

Please stand with them, and let's help them get their story out, may the death of Neda Agha Sultan and others unnamed not be in vain!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canada's Christian Heritage party makes an official statement on Honduras

Here is an official Communique from the Christian Heritage Party of Canada on the situation in Honduras. These guys usually get it right, and they are the one voice, though in the political wilderness crying out for the truth and for justice.

Jim Hnatiuk - Leader of the Christian Heritage Party
Communiqué Vol 16, No 25 July 07, 2009

CHP Canada Speaks Out on Honduras!

In this world of much unrest, with riots in Iran, Honduras and now China, Canada must choose wisely when to speak out and to whom we give our support. Recently our Canadian Government decided to throw its support behind the reinstatement of the Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

Canwest News reported that applause erupted in the General Assembly when officials announced Canada and the U.S. had joined the leftist, and often anti-western, Latin American resolution sponsors, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. President Hugo Chavez announced his country was ready to support a "rebellion of the Honduran people." Rarely, if ever, has Canada been in step with these countries. That should have been a clue that something is wrong!

On July 5, the Honduras National Congress communicated to the national and international public that the democratic state of law was repeatedly breached by the citizen José Manuel Zelaya Rosales. Rosales, according to the Honduras National Congress, time and again violated the Constitution of the republic, disavowing expressly and publicly the jurisdiction of the other branches of government.

Our Conservative Government should have maintained a firm position calling for the resumption of the democratic process in Honduras.

As former CHP leader Ron Gray stated, "Canada should take the position that the Honduran courts should be supported and protected -- and closely observed to ensure that they are not sliding into corruption and unconstitutional usurpation of power (like Canada's courts!). But Ottawa should not have leapt to ally us with three communist dictatorships and the naiveté of the American 'narcissist-in-chief'.

The Honduran courts authorized the military to depose Zelaya, which they did; and to install an interim president to finish his term, after which there would be new elections... which they also did. That's not a "coup"! When the courts order a military action, the civilian government is still in control of the military, not the other way around."

Prime Minister Harper appears to be playing "Follow the Leader" -- What's important and what he should be doing is watching closely to ensure that the Honduran courts are acting constitutionally. His advisors, instead of flipping hamburgers this summer should be giving him this good counsel. But then again, if Mr. Harper doesn't recognize, or act, when Canada's courts usurp power unconstitutionally, what authority would he have to speak into another country's judicial crisis?

While No one Was looking.....

Tyrants moved to consolidate their positions, at the expense of human fredom and dignity.

A celebrity-idol worshipping country electes a celebrity president with no
qualifications but a an oratory and a supermodel fashion plate wife that
gives a dumbed down population the "warm and fuzzies" as they are led down the garden path to their doom. Such is the legacy of MTV, and so-called reality shows.

The Michael Jackson three ring circus to take place today is evidence of
this idol worship.

The media has become almost all Jacko all the time. The Mullahs in Iran knew
this and used the opportunity to mop up what could have been their undoing.
And Mr celebrity president aided and abetted them by winking at Ahmedinejad
for 10 days instead of expressing soldiarity with the freedom fighters. Neda Agha Sultan apparently has died in vain, as the media frenzy over a dead drug addicted popstar has pushed her into the proverbial "memory hole", and along with her, the Iranian people'shopes for a modicum of reform, and freedom.

And now because of the village idiot with "the look" Israel , a country that
still lives in the real world will have to take action and risk war and
casualties which might have been avoided had the Mullahs fallen.

While the United States and the western world gazes at its Jacksonite navel, the ChiComs are coming down with brutal force on its Uighur population in Xinjiang province. They have been waiting for just such a time as this to subdue the uighurs while nobody is paying attention. The Obama administration remains silent, as the Bush administrion did before it when it comes to human rights abuses by the ChiComs.Stephen Harper's Conservative government in Canada, has to its credit, spoken out consistently against Chinese communist human rights abuses, though they are on the wrong side of things in Honduras.

Yet with all this going on in the world that require immediate attention, the media drones on about the Michael Jackson memorial and anything else it can dredge up about the idol, and from what I can tell the people are eating it up while tyrants consolidate their positions.

The Truth laces up its Boots

It has been said that a lie can get all around the world while the truth is still lacing up its boots. Let the world be served notice that Truth has laced its boots, and is going to start kicking some tail.
Here is the English traslation of the article from Laura Miranda-Flefil and Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro, who penned this article in Spanish which i linked to last weekend. If you are more about truth than political correctness, read the article, and let your government officials know that they should not be siding with Hugo Chavez and company.
Informing the Juridical Truth: From Honduras To The World

Laura Miranda-Flefil* and Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro*

Who Perpetrated a Coup in Honduras?

July 2nd, 2009

What is a Coup?

A coup is the toppling of a legally constituted power by a person invested with authority in an
illegal and utterly brutal fashion. It has two distinct characteristics. The First is the breaking of
the Constitutional and/or legal order of a State of Law. The Second is the continued use of force
to perpetuate oneself in power.

What are the origins of this term?

The history behind the word Coup takes us to XVIII century France. Originally a “Coup d’État”
referred to the illegal, sudden and repressive measures that the King would take against his
enemies. Nowadays we call this autocoup and it is characterized by the flagrant disregard for
law, especially when that illegality is in conflict with the legal mandates of another power. The
violator becomes then the usurper power.

In the XIX century, history introduces the use of the armed forces to head the taking of power to
stay in power. Many of these coups where supported by a sector of civilians, but did not
necessarily need of their presence. The armed forces were the ones to organize these coups.

Curzio Malaparte and Samuel Finer were the ones to finish conceptualizing the term we are
studying. Malaparte comments that the use of surprise and the scarce duration of the operation
to ascend to power are essential. Finer stated that the use of force, violence or the threat of
violence is used to replace or direct the government.

If it walks like a Duck, Looks like a Duck, QUACKS like a Duck, it is a…

The question that emerges is, whether the actions that were to take place on Sunday June 28th of
2009 constitute a Survey or a Consultation of the Populace? To answer it in a legal manner we
have to look back to our juridical roots. We will start by defining both terms. Then we will
analyze what was intended by this “question”, the impact of which some have attempted to

Informing the Juridical Truth: From Honduras To The World

Laura Miranda-Flefil* and Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro*

Survey, according to Professor Garcia Ferrado, is “an investigation that is done on a sample of
subjects representative of a broader collective, using standardized procedures of interrogation
with the intent of obtaining from the population quantitative measures of a great variety of
subjective and objective characteristics.” Sierra Bravo expresses that there are four fundamental
characteristics that a survey has. These characteristics are: a) a survey is an indirect observation
of the facts by the means of what the interested manifest; b) it is a prepared method with an
investigative end; c) it’s extension is over the whole of the studied population (a classroom,
clients in a store, habitants of a state, etc) as a representative sample, without taking into
consideration nationality or residency of a person; d) subjective aspects of members of a society
are displayed with surveys. A survey can be taken in an oral or written manner. In simple
terms, a survey is the study of any social phenomenon that has generally occurred or is
occurring, to know the reality on certain subjects, such as the quality of educational or
healthcare services, the proliferation of crime, the economical status, habits, how one spends
free time, the liking to a certain climactic temperature, etc. An example of a survey is the one
Gallup recently took of a sample group of the population of the United States of America, where
by phone, they asked what economic problems they faced, answers given freely ranged from
unemployment, high cost of healthcare and high cost of education.

Consultation of the Populace, according to Espasa Calpe, is “to get the populations opinion on a
national transcendental subject.” Cardenas Lopez illustrates us by stating that it is a
“mechanism of citizen participation by which the people are called to decide on a matter of vital
importance.” It is also known as referendum, plebiscite, ballot question or citizen ballot. Its
own nature defines it as a direct vote where only the electoral body of a state has the ability to
participate. It necessarily needs to be written on a legally sanctioned ballot and deposited in a
legally sanctioned ballot box. The questions are answered with a yes or a no. An example of a
Consultation of the Populace is the one held in Ecuador last September 28th of 2008, that asked a
question that read as follows: Do you approve that a National Assembly is called for and
installed, with the full powers according to the Electoral Statutes that are annexed, to transform
the institutional frame of the State and elaborate a new Constitution?

Do you agree that in the general elections of November of 2009 a fourth ballot box be installed
so that a National Constituent Assembly that approves a political Constitution? This was the
question to be answered in the election of Sunday June 28th of 2009. To answer it you had to
credit your citizenship by presenting a means of identification such as the state issued ID Card.

Informing the Juridical Truth: From Honduras To The World

Laura Miranda-Flefil* and Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro*

The answer was placed on a ballot that had 2 options, one for yes or a no. The ballot was
deposited in a ballot box.

This is not an election. All actions that were to take place this given Sunday constitute a
Consultation of the Populace.

Can the Constitution of Honduras be reformed without the formation of a Constitutional
National Assembly?

The Constitution has a specific mechanism by which it admits reforms to its body. Article 373 of
Title VII: Of the Reformation and the Inviolability of the Constitution of the Republic, states:
“The reformation of this Constitution can be decreed by the National Congress, in ordinary
session, by two thirds of the totality of the votes of its members. The decree will state the article
or articles it will reform and must be ratified by the subsequent ordinary legislature, by the
same number of votes, to be valid.”

And what of the Petrous Articles?

What are the Petrous Articles?

Petrous articles are those that according to the Constitution can’t suffer reforms, be abolished or
changed in any way. These articles are intangible and can’t be reformed. Their characteristics
are given to them by Constitutional Article 374 and it is a limit imposed to the reformatory
ability of Congress by the Constituent Assembly, subtracting the faculty to revise that
Parliament has. In that same line, article 5 of the Primary Law restricts their reform through a
Consultation of the Populace.

Why are Petrous Articles important?

Petrous articles are historical importance to the Honduran nation. The Constitution of
Honduras has been enforced since January 20th of 1982. This is the longest running Constitution
of our country. This Primary Law put an end to a long period of great crisis. It was
characterized by decades of military coups and presidents that perpetrated themselves in
power, one of whom stayed in power for 16 years. Petrous Articles were designed to protect
Honduras from this ill-fated past and guarantee a stable and democratic future.

Informing the Juridical Truth: From Honduras To The World

Laura Miranda-Flefil* and Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro*

Which are the Petrous Articles?

A lot is said of these Petrous Articles, but very few times are these stated clearly. This analysis
we developed will expose in the language of the Constitution what these articles are. According
to article 374, “under no circumstances can the reformation of the following take place:

the previous article” – the already mentioned 373, that establishes the way the
Constitution can be reformed
the present article” – that establishes the quality of Petrous
articles that refer to…:
o the form of government” – article 4
o the national territory” – articles 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 y 14
o the presidential period” (4 years) – article 237
o to the prohibition of being reelected President of the Republic, to any citizen who
has ever held this office under any title” (prohibition of being reelected) – articles
4 and 239
o the one that refers to who cannot be President of the Republic for the subsequent
period” – article 240
What does the existence of Petrous Articles mean when it comes to the Consultation of the Populace?

The Constitution can be reformed for the exception of Petrous Articles. The Consultation of the
Populace that was intended wanted to change all the Constitution. This turns it into an
Unconstitutional action, in other words contrary to what the Constitution states.

Do the Plebiscite and Referendum exist in Honduran Law?

Article 5 of the Constitution of the Republic, in its second paragraph, institutes the referendum
and plebiscite as mechanisms of Consultation of the Populace for matters of fundamental
importance on a national level. The desired effect of these is the strengthening and functionality
of participative democracy, guaranteed in the first paragraph of the mentioned article.

This article didn’t originally count with these mechanisms. Utilizing the constitutional method
of reform, which we previously stated, paragraphs 2-11 were included. Its modification
happened through decree 242-2003 and its ratification through decree 177-2004.

Informing the Juridical Truth: From Honduras To The World

Laura Miranda-Flefil* and Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro*

Reformed article 5 includes two specifications that are of vital importance when it comes to the
Consultation of the Populace that was intended. First and already stipulated, it forbids the
reformation of the petrous articles. Second, it establishes that only the Supreme Electoral
Tribunal can summon, organize and direct the Consultation of the Populace. Both of these were
violated with the illegal Consultation that the Executive Branch intended on Sunday June 28th of
this year.

How did the Constitutionally Instituted Authorities Defend the Country against these

The Battle for Democracy Begins

The State Prosecutor’s office started an action before the Administrative Law Tribunal to have
the intended Consultation of the Populace declared illegal and null. By law, the Attorney
General of the Republic had to answer the action, who in doing so stated that the Consultation
of the Populace was Unconstitutional and Illegal. The Tribunal declared that the actions to take
place were illegal and that any activities done to execute said action are by their nature illegal.
Not content the Executive Branch put a team of lawyers to work and appealed the ruling and
tried to render the Attorney General unfit to represent the State, publicly accusing her of being a
traitor. The Court of Appeals confirmed the ruling. Former President Jose Manuel Zelaya
Rosales, his aides and members of his state cabinet did not respect the mandate and keep up
their rhetoric of insults to the legal institutions and their officials.

The Next Chapter

Studying the case, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal united in the legal opposition of the
Consultation of the Populace. First it ordered that all publicity in favor of the commonly known
“Fourth Ballot Box” be suspended, as it found that in all the written, televised and transmitted
publicity contained the stamp and approval of the Tribunal, something that was never
petitioned, approved or authorized. Then the Tribunal declared the Consultation to be illegal,
because it considered that it violated article 5 of the Constitution of the Republic, 15 of the
Electoral Law and of the Political Organizations and other legislation applicable to the case. On
this last resolution, it asked the State Prosecutor’s office to impound any and all material that
was being used for the Consultation of the Populace, as it was deemed illegal. With the
Prosecutors present, the Tribunal impounded the materials and deposited them to be in custody
in the Air Base located in Toncontin. Again, Former President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, his

Informing the Juridical Truth: From Honduras To The World

Laura Miranda-Flefil* and Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro*

aides and members of his state cabinet ignored both resolutions, infringing them and
proceeding with the activities leading to the Consultation of the Populace.

How did the Executive Branch react?

The response of the Executive Branch was to engage in a series of irregular, not mention
unlawful, actions. First, it started by saying that the decree that gave life to the Consultation of
the Populace had not been published, stating that nobody could start any legal action against
the “Fourth Ballot Box” or declare it illegal, despite the fact that activities were being done to see
it through. These activities included but were not limited to: continuous publicity in favor of the
illegal act, design and printing of ballots and ballot boxes and declarations made in official radio
and televised national announcements given by Former President Zelaya to concentrate all
activities of his state cabinet and their resources to the intended end, to ensure that the illegal
election took place. As we’ve said before, he didn’t abide by the judicial rulings and he then
begun personal attacks against the constitutional institutions.

Enter the Armed Forces

The Executive Branch said that the Armed Forces would distribute and protect the ballot boxes
for the Consultation of the Populace. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff started giving
declarations expressing his desire to follow through with the orders of his Commander in Chief
but that there are constitutional dispositions that did not allow him to. The Mass Media
reported on Wednesday June 24th of 2009, just 4 days before the illegal Consultation of the
Populace, that General Romeo Vasquez Velasquez was called to attend to the Presidential
Palace. After a long wait, in an official radio and televised national announcement, Former
President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales announced the dismissal of the Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff General Vasquez for rejecting the illegal order to distribute the illegal material
and guard the illegal ballot boxes. This national hero acted in accordance with the rule of law,
due to the fact that constitutional article 278 stated that orders given by the President must be
based on the principles of legality, discipline and military professionalism.

Enter the National Congress and the Constitutional Room of the Supreme Court of Justice

The illegal dismissal of this man of honor, the State Prosecutor’s office and a private defender
separately interposed writs before the Constitutional Room. In admitting it, the Constitutional
Room also suspended the act in question. In simple terms this means that they provisionally
restituted General Romeo Vasquez Velasquez to his post while investigations are pending,

Informing the Juridical Truth: From Honduras To The World

Laura Miranda-Flefil* and Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro*

warning Former President Zelaya that if he didn’t abide by this resolution he would incur in
civil, administrative and criminal responsibilities. The National Congress disapproved the acts
of the Executive Branch and reinstated the Chairman to his post utilizing numeral 20 of article
205 of the Primary Law.

The Answer of the Executive Branch

To these new determinations the manner in which the Executive Branch acted was astonishing
to say the least. Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales gave a speech in which he incited the population to
rebel and he called them to gather in the Presidential Palace, the Mayan Temple. In this speech
he went so far as to call the Supreme Court of Justice the Supreme Court of Injustice and said he
had never signed the order of dismissal, even though as we mentioned he made it public in a
official radio and televised national announcement and had said it verbally to General Vasquez
Velasquez. Having some 250 followers, he provided buses to them and with them and some
members of his cabinet, Former President Zelaya Rosales headed towards the Air Base in
Toncontin. All of them stormed the Base and extracted all the illegal material of the
Consultation of the Populace.

What should the Executive Branch have been doing?

All of this was being done while the country had terribly pressing issues that the Executive
Branch didn’t recognize or tend to. One of them consisted of the effects left in Honduras by an
earthquake off its Atlantic Coast, which had a magnitude of 7.3 in the Richter Scale and
aftershocks of a magnitude of more than 4 on the same scale, leaving 7 fatalities and losses in
the millions of public and private infrastructure. Another problem Honduras faces was the lack
of identification, detention and prevention of the more than 180 confirmed cases of the N1H1

The Honduran Society Unites

While all this was happening, political, religious and civil movements where joining forces and
protesting against the commonly known “Fourth Ballot Box.” Exercising the constitutional
rights and guarantees of freedom of association and freedom of expression, they started to
publicize communiqués, make radio and televised announcements, and protested and marched
against the lack of respect demonstrated by the Executive Branch to the Constitution. New
movements were created, like the Generation 4 Change (Generacion X Cambio), Democratic
Civic Union (Union Civica Democratica) and the Honduran Allegiance for Peace and

Informing the Juridical Truth: From Honduras To The World

Laura Miranda-Flefil* and Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro*

Democracy (Alianza Hondureña por la Paz y la Democracia). Prestigious institutions joined in
the protest, like the Human Rights Commission, the Catholic Church and different Evangelical

Never before in the history of this nation had people from different social status, educational
levels, color of skin, political thoughts, religious followings and even hereditary roots joined
together for one cause. Movements based on common ideals, character, democracy and peace
where the characteristics of those of us who joined the noble and exemplary cause. The finality
it had: to respect the Constitution and the laws of Honduras.

The way these manifestations for democracy took and take place stand out. Some used humor,
with protesters dressing with a cowboy hat and using mustaches like the one Former President
Zelaya uses. Others using a white shirt as they proudly held the Honduran Flag in their hands.
Incredibly no acts of vandalism, something seen on a daily basis in the country, have been
registered within the movements and their manifestations; there is no violence, there are no
weapons, public and private buildings are not defaced and even green areas are respected.

Measures taken to Counter these Unconstitutional and Illegal Actions

The answer came in 2 different ways. The National Congress and the State Prosecutor’s Office
acted. Both based their actions within the Honduran Constitution and Honduran Laws.

The National Congress of the Republic disapproved the illegal conduct and separated Jose
Manuel Zelaya Rosales from his office of Constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras,
and named Roberto Micheletti Bain to the post of Constitutional President. The decision was
based on various constitutional and legal mandates. Applying article 321, that expresses that
servers of the State don’t have faculties other than those legally conferred to them, that acts
done outside of law are null and that those acts carry liability, responsibility was deduced for
the illegalities Zelaya Rosales committed. They took into consideration the reiterated violations
of the Constitution of the Republic and the laws of Honduras and the non observation of
resolutions and rulings of the courts and tribunals. They also considered the fact that Zelaya
rendered the legal promise according to article 322 of the Primary Law when he took office and
that according to article 245 of the Constitution the President has the attribution of abiding by
and making others abide by the Constitution, treaties and conventions, laws and other legal

Informing the Juridical Truth: From Honduras To The World

Laura Miranda-Flefil* and Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro*

dispositions. Following constitutional article 242, that prescribes order of succession, and taking
into account that the Vice President of Honduras quit his office a few months ago, the office of
Constitutional President belonged to the President of the National Congress. In summation, the
Constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras is Roberto Micheletti Bain, until the
constitutional period ends on January 27th of 2010.

The State Prosecutor’s Office has presented and will continue to present Prosecutor’s Demands
before the competent legal authorities against the violators of the laws. In the specific case of
Former President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, the actions have already started taking their due
course and warrants for his arrest exist for 18 criminal acts. The crimes he is accused of are
Treason, Corruption, Abuse of Authority and Violations of the Duties of Officials. One can find
these crimes detailed in articles 2 and 3 of the Constitution and 302-311 and 349-357 of the Penal
Code, among others. The criminal acts for which he is being processed include: extending the
period of service of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by 3 years, note sanctioning or
vetoing 80 laws approved by the National Congress, blocking the transfer of funds to the Office
of the Municipal Mayor of the Central District, only transferring 5 million Lempiras of the 700
million owed to Mayor Offices on a national level, not transferring funds to the National
Congress, not presenting the annual budget to the National Congress for its approval – which
by the final days of June 2009 he hadn’t done and he had to have rendered it by September of
2008, extraordinary annual postings of certain executive offices, qualifying the decisions of the
Supreme Court of Justice and the State Prosecutor’s Office as political, alluding that the
National Congress acted immorally when they emitted the Law of Plebiscite and Referendum,
declaring that the Law of Plebiscite and Referendum was a lie, trying to install illegal ballot
boxes, not suspending publicity of the “Fourth Ballot Box”, destine state funds for the “Fourth
Ballot Box”, publicly exposing a minor that was infected with the N1H1 virus and the dismissal
of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

June 28th of 2009

A lot is speculated and very few can be legally stated, with the merited evidence, of what really
happened on the early hours of June 28th of 2009. What we can establish is the facts that both
sides have accepted. First of all, Former President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales is alive. His
detention was due to a court order that emanated from the corresponding Penal Court on June
26th of 2006, executed by the Armed Forces and who in consideration of the investiture of

Informing the Juridical Truth: From Honduras To The World

Laura Miranda-Flefil* and Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro*

President he once had, and to safeguard his safety, he was transported to a different country. It
has been established that Former President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales left the country on the
Presidential Plane. It is known that he landed in an airport in Costa Rica and he went to stay in
a hotel in San Jose. Former President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales enjoys personal freedom, as
evidenced by his statements given to international press, his various trips around the continent,
his public appearances and participations before the Organization of American States, the
General Assembly of the United Nations, with regional presidents and world officials.


In Honduras a consolidated democracy exists. We want to add that all of the institutions we
spoke of remain intact. None of these institutions suffered an illegal change of its officials
before, during and after the presidential succession, with no military personnel taking any of
these institutions. No law has been changed, reformed or repealed. There are no special laws in
place. Most importantly the Constitutional Order has not been broken.

Having analyzed the facts of the situation that is being lived in Honduras, from the legal
standpoint, we can categorically state that the usurper government was the one presided by
Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales. We base this assessment on the flagrant disregard for the
Constitution and the Laws of Honduras, creating precarious economical, political and social
situations. The way in which the Republics Institutions have acted are based on the rule of law
and look to respect and safeguard democracy, maintain order and social peace. The question is
left to the reader… WHO PERPETRATED THE COUP?

* Laura Miranda-Flefil is a Lawyer, Candidate for a Masters Degree in Corporate Law and Candidate for a Masters in
International Relations and Foreign Commerce
* Guillermo Alberto Bogran Castro is a Lawyer and a Candidate for a Masters in Economy and Law of Corporations (Italy)
**This document was translated by Laura Miranda-Flefil, Original Document: Spanish

Monday, July 6, 2009

Obama: The African Colonial

This is an article in The American Thinker written by Nigerian American L.E. Ikenga, which argues that Brack Hussein Obama does not come from an American perspective at all, but rather an African Colonial one. Though I have linked to the article, having heard it read in its entirety on The Quinn & Rose Show it was important enough to reproduce it here in its entirety given the current state of affairs in Washington that threatens the future of western civilization, let alone the USA itself.
The man in power in Washington has more in common with Robert Mugabe & Mobutu Sese Seko than George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

Obama, the African Colonial
By L.E. Ikenga
Had Americans been able to stop obsessing over the color of Barack Obama's skin and instead paid more attention to his cultural identity, maybe he would not be in the White House today. The key to understanding him lies with his identification with his father, and his adoption of a cultural and political mindset rooted in postcolonial Africa.

Like many educated intellectuals in postcolonial Africa, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was enraged at the transformation of his native land by its colonial conqueror. But instead of embracing the traditional values of his own tribal cultural past, he embraced an imported Western ideology, Marxism. I call such frustrated and angry modern Africans who embrace various foreign "isms", instead of looking homeward for repair of societies that are broken, African Colonials. They are Africans who serve foreign ideas.

The tropes of America's racial history as a way of understanding all things black are useless in understanding the man who got his dreams from his father, a Kenyan exemplar of the African Colonial.

Before I continue, I need to say this: I am a first generation born West African-American woman whose parents emigrated to the U.S. in the 1970's from the country now called Nigeria. I travel to Nigeria frequently. I see myself as both a proud American and as a proud Igbo (the tribe that we come from -- also sometimes spelled Ibo). Politically, I have always been conservative (though it took this past election for me to commit to this once and for all!); my conservative values come from my Igbo heritage and my place of birth. Of course, none of this qualifies me to say what I am about to -- but at the same time it does.

My friends, despite what CNN and the rest are telling you, Barack Obama is nothing more than an old school African Colonial who is on his way to turning this country into one of the developing nations that you learn about on the National Geographic Channel. Many conservative (East, West, South, North) African-Americans like myself -- those of us who know our history -- have seen this movie before. Here are two main reasons why many Americans allowed Obama to slip through the cracks despite all of his glaring inconsistencies:

First, Obama has been living on American soil for most of his adult life. Therefore, he has been able to masquerade as one who understands and believes in American democratic ideals. But he does not. Barack Obama is intrinsically undemocratic and as his presidency plays out, this will become more obvious. Second, and most importantly, too many Americans know very little about Africa. The one-size-fits-all understanding that many Americans (both black and white) continue to have of Africa might end up bringing dire consequences for this country.

Contrary to the way it continues to be portrayed in mainstream Western culture, Africa is not a continent that can be solely defined by AIDS, ethnic rivalries, poverty and safaris. Africa, like any other continent, has an immense history defined by much diversity and complexity. Africa's long-standing relationship with Europe speaks especially to some of these complexities -- particularly the relationship that has existed between the two continents over the past two centuries. Europe's complete colonization of Africa during the nineteenth century, also known as the Scramble for Africa, produced many unfortunate consequences, the African colonial being one of them.

The African colonial (AC) is a person who by means of their birth or lineage has a direct connection with Africa. However, unlike Africans like me, their worldviews have been largely shaped not by the indigenous beliefs of a specific African tribe but by the ideals of the European imperialism that overwhelmed and dominated Africa during the colonial period. AC's have no real regard for their specific African traditions or histories. AC's use aspects of their African culture as one would use pieces of costume jewelry: things of little or no value that can be thoughtlessly discarded when they become a negative distraction, or used on a whim to decorate oneself in order to seem exotic. (Hint: Obama's Muslim heritage).

On the other hand, AC's strive to be the best at the culture that they inherited from Europe. Throughout the West, they are tops in their professions as lawyers, doctors, engineers, Ivy League professors and business moguls; this is all well and good. It's when they decide to engage us as politicians that things become messy and convoluted.

The African colonial politician (ACP) feigns repulsion towards the hegemonic paradigms of Western civilization. But at the same time, he is completely enamored of the trappings of its aristocracy or elite culture. The ACP blames and caricatures whitey to no end for all that has gone wrong in the world. He convinces the masses that various forms of African socialism are the best way for redressing the problems that European colonialism motivated in Africa. However, as opposed to really being a hard-core African Leftist who actually believes in something, the ACP uses socialist themes as a way to disguise his true ambitions: a complete power grab whereby the "will of the people" becomes completely irrelevant.

Barack Obama is all of the above. The only difference is that he is here playing (colonial) African politics as usual.

In his 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father -- an eloquent piece of political propaganda -- Obama styles himself as a misunderstood intellectual who is deeply affected by the sufferings of black people, especially in America and Africa. In the book, Obama clearly sees himself as an African, not as a black American. And to prove this, he goes on a quest to understand his Kenyan roots. He is extremely thoughtful of his deceased father's legacy; this provides the main clue for understanding Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Sr. was an African colonial to the core; in his case, the apple did not fall far from the tree. All of the telltale signs of Obama's African colonialist attitudes are on full display in the book -- from his feigned antipathy towards Europeans to his view of African tribal associations as distracting elements that get in the way of "progress". (On p. 308 of Dreams From My Father, Obama says that African tribes should be viewed as an "ancient loyalties".)

Like imperialists of Old World Europe, the ACP sees their constituents not as free thinking individuals who best know how to go about achieving and creating their own means for success. Instead, the ACP sees his constituents as a flock of ignorant sheep that need to be led -- oftentimes to their own slaughter.

Like the European imperialist who spawned him, the ACP is a destroyer of all forms of democracy.

Here are a few examples of what the British did in order to create (in 1914) what is now called Nigeria and what Obama is doing to you:

Convince the people that "clinging" to any aspect of their cultural (tribal) identity or history is bad and regresses the process of "unity". British Imperialists deeply feared people who were loyal to anything other than the state. "Tribalism" made the imperialists have to work harder to get people to just fall in line. Imperialists pitted tribes against each other in order to create chaos that they then blamed on ethnic rivalry. Today many "educated" Nigerians, having believed that their traditions were irrelevant, remain completely ignorant of their ancestry and the history of their own tribes.
Confiscate the wealth and resources of the area that you govern by any means necessary in order to redistribute wealth. The British used this tactic to present themselves as empathetic and benevolent leaders who wanted everyone to have a "fair shake". Imperialists are not interested in equality for all. They are interested in controlling all.
Convince the masses that your upper-crust university education naturally puts you on an intellectual plane from which to understand everything even when you understand nothing. Imperialists were able to convince the people that their elite university educations allowed them to understand what Africa needed. Many of today's Nigerians-having followed that lead-hold all sorts of degrees and certificates-but what good are they if you can't find a job?
Lie to the people and tell them that progress is being made even though things are clearly becoming worse. One thing that the British forgot to mention to their Nigerian constituents was that one day, the resources that were being used to engineer "progress" (which the British had confiscated from the Africans to begin with!) would eventually run out. After WWII, Western Europe could no longer afford to hold on to their African colonies. So all of the counterfeit countries that the Europeans created were then left high-and-dry to fend for themselves. This was the main reason behind the African independence movements of the1950 and 60's. What will a post-Obama America look like?
Use every available media outlet to perpetuate the belief that you and your followers are the enlightened ones-and that those who refuse to support you are just barbaric, uncivilized, ignorant curmudgeons. This speaks for itself.

America, don't be fooled. The Igbos were once made up of a confederacy of clans that ascribed to various forms of democratic government. They took their eyes off the ball and before they knew it, the British were upon them. Also, understand this: the African colonial who is given too much political power can only become one thing: a despot.

L.E. Ikenga can be reached at

Chamberlain's Ghost rears its Head

The Wall Street Journal has a great article today about what is going on in Honduras, Central America in general, and the unbelievable ignorance of history, which if it persists, may result in a bloody global war that would likely alter what has been known as western civilization, or even end the very traditions upon which it, and its anciliiary freedoms have rested.

The problem is appeasement. The ghost of Neville Chamberlain is stalking the halls of international diplomacy once again. And we saw the results of what happened the first time.
Chavez has maintained and increased his power only because of western appeasement which started in the Bush era, and has increased a hundredfold since then.
The Honduran people had the courage to stand up to the Chavista bullies, and the MUST be supported.

The only language thugs, be they schoolyard bullies or world-scale tyrants understand is resolve, and the will to fight back.
May the Hondurans stand firm against these organizations like the UN, OAS and the spineless governments that comprise them. That will hopefully give others living under oppression the will and courage to take back their countries from gangster governments.

The west has failed the Iranian people. Let's not fail these others who live in our wn backyard.

Friday, July 3, 2009

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More info from Honduras

Laura Miranda-Flefil and Guillermo Alberto Bogran castro have teamed up with a blog called Jovenes Luchando por la paz Y La Democracia in which the have posted a good article in Spanish outlining the situation, and dfining many of the terms being bandied about in the media. They hope to have it translated and up in English by Saturday.

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada Speaks Out on Honduras

In light of the Canadian government's cowardly, politically correct statement, I asked the leader of Canada's Christian Heritage Party where they stand on the presidential succession in Honduras:
Leader Jim Hnatiuk asked former leader Ron Gray to address the situation. Gray, who led the party from 1995-2009 had this to say:

"I'm sad, but not surprised, to see the Harper government siding with Chavez, the Castros and the Orgetas... and Obama.

A capsule summary:
Manuel Zelaya wanted to do in Honduras what Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela: amend the Constitution to allow him to be "president-for-life".

That's already grounds for Canadians to distance ourselves from him!

When the Honduran Parliament wouldn't go along with the plan, Zelaya began diverting money from other ministries to fund his "referendum", and to use the authority and reach of state media (while he still had his hands on the levers of power) to persuade the people to vote "Yes" to his power-grab.

The Honduran courts authorized the military to depose Zelaya, which they did; and to install an interim president to finish his term, after which there would be new elections... which they also did. That's not a "coup"! When the courts order a military action, the civilian government is still in control of the military, not the other way around.

What's important at that point is to watch closely whether the courts are acting constitutionally.

It's a mark of media laziness -- and government ignorance -- that they call that a "coup".

To our left-wing mainstream media, any involvement of the military in Latin American politics is "a coup". But in reality, it was the deposing of a would-be dictator. If the people want to return him to office, they can -- when he runs in an election where he does not have access to government funds and government media.

Odd, how much it all sounds like what's emerging in Canada!

In the meantime, there are now allegations that Zelaya was linked to a major cocaine-smuggling cartel.

Since the courts authorized the deposing of the would-be dictator-for-life, and it is in the courts that those allegations of criminality will be tried, Canada should take the position that the Honduran courts should be supported and protected -- and closely observed to ensure that they are not sliding into corruption and unconstitutional usurpation of power (like Canada's courts!). But Ottawa should not have lept to ally us with three communist dictatorships and the naivete of the American narcissist-in-chief."

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This Is Not The America I Know

When Barack Hussein Obama campagned on "change" he meant business. In 5 short months he has turned the USA from a force for good and liberty in the world, to one whose official policy seems to be dedicated to maintaining despots and oppressors in power just because they were elected, regardless of whether they were sham elections, such as in Iran, or if the instiututions of a truly democratic country defend the constitution against a despot, who happened to win one election 4 years ago, and then decided that his services were so indispensable that he had to steamroll a functioning constution to get his (or perhaps his puppetmaster's?) way.

Barack Hussein Obama dithered for nearly a fortnight when people at great risk to their very lives challenged a murderous lying dictatorship in the streets over the results of an election result which even a village idiot could see was fraudulent. The people were in the streets with signs in English, not Farsi, obviously asking for moral support from the west, which they saw (past tense) as an ally in their quest for freedom from a theocracy run by thugs in cleric's garb. Instead, The left leaning governments in Washington and London only said they were "monitoring the situation closely" and hoped to have talks with the government shortly. Some countries like canada and germany spoke harsh words of condemnation to the Mad Mullahs of teheran, but the voices that really carried iternational clout were hedging their bets.
Then when Honduras moved to defend its constitution and frredoms from a would-be despot who was closely aligned with the Chavez regime that currently holds the people of Venezuela, Barack Hussein Obama threw his lot in with the oppressors.
Imagine how the peoples of Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador and othe rplaces might have been emboldened to overthrowing their tyrants had Obama, the so-called leader of the free world stood by a country brave enough to stand up to the imperialist ambitions of Hugo Chavez?
Under the leadership of Barack hussein Obama, the United States has so far earned an F- in foreign affairs.
This does not bode well for the forces of freedom anywhere, as deranged dictators like Kim Jong-Il now feel that they can act with impunity while a man as weak, ignorant and incompetent, and perhaps more so than Jimmy Carter occupies the White House. Perhaps this is why Israel and Taiwan, two democracies who have good reason to believe that they will be thrown under the bus by the Obama regime that would prefer to be in the good graces of their more powerful undemocratic neighbours, have stood in solidarity with Honduras, since they realize that they can no longer rely on anyone but themselves and their own determination to survive, since the USA can no longer be counted on.
As Nile gardiner points out in the London Daily Telegraph: "If Chavez or Ahmadinejad were booted out by their own people it should be a cause of huge celebration in Washington. If the Honduran example is anything to go by though, team Obama would probably demand they be put back in power as the "elected" leaders of their country. Wouldn't it make sense if the United States went back to a policy of actually backing its friends and allies and actively seeking the demise of its enemies?"
Don't hold your breath.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Taiwan and Israel come out in support of Micheletti Government

Two freedom loving democracies who share the distinction of being pariah states because the major powers are kissing up to their powerful enemies have courageously thrown their support behing the new government of Roberto micheletti in Honduras.

If you can read spanish, the Honduran Blog "Libertad de Expresion" is a good one to follow as he/she tells the story of what is really going on that you don't hear inthe western mainstream media.

Honduras: Follow the Money!

Could this be a big reason why Zelaya wanted to extend his term so badly?

It may also interest many of those who are screaming about the so-called "coup" that According to the Tegucigalpa paper "La Tribuna" Roberto Micheletti, the man appointed to replace mr. Zelaya, was from the same Liberal Party as the former President. Some "coup d'etat"

The fact is, that Honduras has, prior to 1982, spent many years under dictatorship. The fact that the few articles of the constitution that are not amendable, deal with term limits. Nobody wants to give another budding despot a chance. Mr Zelaya knew going in that he was allowed one term only. It strikes me as arrogant in the extreme that he thinks he is so indispensible to the country that extending his leadership by any means neccessary was required.

Sounds like a lucrative enterprise.