Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Canada on Wrong Side of Honduras situation.

Today I am ashamed of my country. A country that has so often been on the right side of history. A country spoke out against Apartheid before it was popular to do so. Who spoke out against the actions of the Iranian government's barbarism with regard to their elections.... On the eve of Canada Day where we celebrate our freedoms and constitution, the Canadian Government has appallingly come out against Hondurans enjoyong the same freedoms we are about to celebrate, and has added its voice to the growing numbers of leftists who support the restoration to power of a thug who sought to do an end run around the constitution of that country, and move his country out of the realm of constitutional democracies and toward a Hugo Chavez style tyranny?
Is our department of foreign affairs taking its mrching orders from Washington?

Memo to the so-called Conservative Party of Canada: Please do not bother to call for a donation, and take me off your mailing list.

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