Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama declares Honduras Coup Illegal, Says Zelaya Still President

Like Jimmy carter before him, Barack Hussein Obama seems to be a guy who never met a despot he didn't like....
Sure didn't take him long to stand up in defense of this little leftist wannabee tinpot dictator!

In any case we will see whether the new government will listen to this grovelling weakling president.

Remember that it took him well over 10 days of watching people being clubbed with trucheons and shot in the streets to say anything definitive or remotely firm about the thug regime in Iran, one which he still wants to sit down and talk with.

As thanks, he will likely get nothing but more scorn heaped on him by Chavez, Ortega and company.

The only language these guys understand is strength...But Obama is so narcissitic that he really believes he will win these thugs in $4000.00 suits over with the force an charm of his magnetic personality and sweeping oratory...

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