Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No Coup in Honduras. Zelaya legally impeached: What the MSM isn't telling you.

While the Mainstream Media wrings its hands in unison with their hero/messiah Barack Hussein Obama about the coup in Honduras, the truth is busy lacing up its boots in the blogosphere.

President Jose Manuel Zelaya was legally impeached by the Congress of Honduras on the grounds of his attempted shredding of the constitution by institutingan illegal referendum that would have extended his term as president a la Hugo Chavez.
Members of his own Liberal party apprently agreed that Zelaya was in breach of the constutution as amny of them supported the impeachment. The armed forces came in only to enforce the order to remove him from office, which they did in a civilized fashion.
This was not a military coup. In a military coup, a general/strongman takes over as president and imposes martial law, then rules by Junta.
In this case, Roberto Micheletti , the constitutional successor to te president assumed office, and constitutional democracy continues in this Central American republic. Micehletti will serve as president until regularly scheduled elections in November.

Meanwhile Barack Hussein Obama has sided with the enemies of freedom and rule of law once again. He is calling it an illegal coup d'etat, singing in full chorus with five party harmony with such notable proponents of individual liberty anc constitutionally limited government as Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, the Castro boys and Rafael Correa.

Given the slaps in the face Obama has endured virtually without comment from the potbellied little psychotic dictator of North Korea and the Theocratic Thugocracy of Iran, then the legitimate government of Honduras should feel very confident that they too can tell the current excuse for President of the United States to butt out of their internal affairs.

To think that the United States which was founded in response to a despotic government that did not respect human rights is now siding with some of the worst abusers of human rights in the world in their bid to keep the people of another country in chains in the name of socialist revolution.

It should be enough to get every American to question Obama's motivations with regard to his own domestic policies which are rolling back traditional freedoms every single day.

Are the Chavez Bolivaristas supporting Zelaya because they fear that if the true story gets out that their own opponents will become eboldened and do the same to them?

And could Obama's response be born of similar fears?

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