Friday, June 26, 2009

"Obama is Running a Gangster Government"

"How's your man in Washington?"

Said Paul Larkin to his friend Hank Rearden in "Atlas Shrugged".... Rearden, a man who worked for his living could not grasp the thug politics that the looter Paul Larkin was alluding to.
One of the better members of Congress is Michelle Bachman. She gets it. She "gets it" when it comes to understading the transformation that Obama and his thugocracy are trying to pull off, ad she "gets it" in terms of having donkey manure (the terminology was chosen carefully) heaped on her by the left.
In this video, Michelle Bachman (R) MN asserts that we now live under a gangster government such as existed in the fictional setting of "Atlas Shrugged". WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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