Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weakened Argentine President Sides with Chavez Thugs

Just when you think things can't get any more irrational or insane than they already are, now we have President Christina Fernandez of Argentina saying she will accompany Jose manuel Zelaya as he returns to Honduras to take back power (so he thinks) later this week.
It should be noted that the leftist Argentine leader and her party suffered a major defeat at the hands of the people in elections there last week.
The fact remains that Zelaya tried to perpetuate the Chavez style Bolivarist socialist revolution by attempting to circumvent a constitution that has been running effectively for 27 years, an eternity by latin American standards, and no longer has the support of the people, nor of his peers in elected office, nor does he enjoy the confidence of the Supreme Court.
Moreover, the United Nations is removing its mask now, and will be issuing a statement saying that they do not recognize the new government in Honduras.
I am calling on alllovers of freedom, no matter you live to speak out in support of the new government in Honduras, and condemn the socialist regimes in the world who seek to restore an oppressor who broke the laws and constitution that he had sworn to follow and defend when he took the oath of office. If enough people get behind truth and justice, perhaps people in other countries might find the courage to oust their thug regimes.

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