Sunday, July 12, 2009

Environmentalist Moonbat Al Gore takes off his mask

Al Goresays "US Climate Control Bill will help bring about Global Governance"... Thanks to the voters of his home state of Tennesee who denied him 11 Electoral College votes in 2000 saved us from getting President Al Gore.And to think he was once seen as a Blue Dog Democrat.
Global government is madness. When , not if, but when-best intentions notwithstanding-it slips into totalitarianism, Who will be left to liberate us?
If you want a glimpse at what global government will look like, watch what is going on in the world today: The "world" gangs up on Israel, and tries to impose its collective will there. The "world" rallies around thugs like Hugo Chavez and the "exclusive elite club" members (pretty much everybody but Israel and Taiwan) rush to his side, and try to impose their will on countries like Honduras who dare to follow the rule of law...Watch Taiwan. How long before the global elite sacrifice that freewheeling island democracy to the People's Republic of China?
It will be a tightly controlled world, whereby the elite whom we will be given the privelege of "electing" will impose economic restrictions. They will institute eugenics and population control programs in order to eliminate "useless mouths" to feed. And they will control minds through the media pushing an agenda of extreme social liberalism: promiscuity without commitment, legalized recreational drugs, rampant pornography,gambling (think about the tax revenues!) and mind numbing entertainment from a controlled, sycophantic media. The trends are already apparent, and only through protest and vigilance can we hold them at bay.
And in case you've heard anything to the contrary, Pope Benedict does speak for, but rather AGAINST Global government.

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What is happening over at Why are Huckabee supporters being purged?