Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hilary Clinton's Outbursts: More to this picture than meets the Eye

Given the two recent outbursts from Hilary Clinton it is obvious she is SEETHING over the way her husband upstaged her in NK last week, and moreover, how Obama scored a KO on her with that.

Obama has her as Sec. of State so that he can control her and neutralize the threat of a challenge to his nomination. So sending Bill (Hope he's comfortable in the doghouse) to North Korea instead of insisting that SHE is the sec. of state and Bill was just a private citizen, was an insult to the 100th degree. Obama succeeded in using Bill to undermine her by making her a) look like the "little lady" and b) That a man should be sent to handle a man's job.

So it is certain that she is very upset, probably far more so than when she found out about Monica Lewinsky at the same time as everyone else.

She is tipping her hand about her future, judging by the way she reacted to that question from the Congolese interlocutor, and getting so angry that she thought (due to the poor translation) she was being asked what BILL thought about something.
Article and Video here
Note also that a video featuring a soundbite inimical to the interests of Pelosi,Hoyer and the Obama Administration from HRC in 2003 is now making the rounds, in which she says that dissent is patriotic, not "unamerican"
See Video here

Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a woman scorned. She will be watching the political climate carefully. Note that Obama's poll numbers are worse than Bush's were at thus stage in the presidency (39% STRONGLY disapprove, 28% STRONGLY approve according to Rasmussen) and given the foolishness of just about every Obama policy, the profligate spending, the unfathomable arrogance of the Dems, the circumstances are about right for her to mount a challenge to Obama for the nomination in 2012. Given her age, it would likely be her last realistic kick at the can too.
She will seek a plausible reason that looks principled to break with the Obama regime, probably late this year,early next, and get started on her campaign.
It was reported two weeks ago on Drudge that she has NOT shut down her PAC. More notably, her supporters have helped her retire her debt and raise new funds.
I believe that if HRC was to run again for the Dem nomination, she would win it easily over this puked-up excuse for a president that currently occupies the Oval office. Many DEMOCRATS have realized the horrific mistake they made, in nominating the clueless but silver tongued Obama. I will take it one step further. If the revelations about Edwards had come out a month or two sooner, HRC would have handily won Iowa, and cruised on to the nomination, and I believe, the presidency. Bad as she is, and as strongly as i disagree with her on many issues, I don't think she would be anything close to half as bad as the Village idiot community organizer aka the Teleprompter of the United States (TOTUS).
In any case she emerges a far less formidable foe for the GOP because of the genuine anger rising against Democrats on a generic basis, and also, I believe the all-out internal warfare that will result from Obama's incumbency facing such a serious challenge, further enhanced by bad blood, the Dems will have ripped themselves to shreds, and will NOT unite around the eventual winner, and the result in 2012 will be similar to 1980 when Ted Kennedy challenged Carter and left the Dems bitterly divided. The remaining Obamabots will not support HRC, they'd sooner stay home.Meanwhile the HRC women (aka Sisterhood of Traveling Pantsuits) will not vote for Obama a second time, just for the sake of party unity and having a Democratic presient. (Remember PUMA?)

Thus, I see a real possibility that Americans will turn en masse to Mitt Romney, since Obama's policies will NOT make the economy better, and they will want someone with a proven track record at fixing economic messes, and one with actual executive experience at both the State governorship level, and in the private sector, and even the Olympics.
He will offset the Mormon issue by choosing Huckabee, Pawlenty or Palin for VP.

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