Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Tell The World What is Happening Here. This is our Revolution! We Will Not give up!"

Shouted one 26 year old engineer in the Streets of Teheran... "We Want Democracy!"

It seems the Iranian people won't let their dream of freedom die.The quoted Engineer was one of Thousands who braved armed revolutionary guards by turning out on the streets of Teheran on Thursday to once again protest the stolen election.

Most worthy of note, is that it seems this has now become a "people power" movement as Mir Hussein Mousavi and other "approved" presidential candidates stayed away from the protests vowing to pursue their complaints through the legal system. Can anyone say "surrender monkey"?

One witness gave this account: “The crowds are too huge to contain. Riot police running up and down Fatemi Street, beating people, barely got out of the way. The crowds just get out of their way and come back.”

Meanwhile, western politicians expressed their "concern". It seems we live in one of those times when our leaders choose political correctness instead of taking a clear stand in favour of those who would like the same freedoms we in the west enjoy.

So, if it is indeed "people power", then we the people need to stand up and show the solidarity that our leaders will not, with the Iranian people.

Please stand with them, and let's help them get their story out, may the death of Neda Agha Sultan and others unnamed not be in vain!

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