Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honduras: Follow the Money!

Could this be a big reason why Zelaya wanted to extend his term so badly?

It may also interest many of those who are screaming about the so-called "coup" that According to the Tegucigalpa paper "La Tribuna" Roberto Micheletti, the man appointed to replace mr. Zelaya, was from the same Liberal Party as the former President. Some "coup d'etat"

The fact is, that Honduras has, prior to 1982, spent many years under dictatorship. The fact that the few articles of the constitution that are not amendable, deal with term limits. Nobody wants to give another budding despot a chance. Mr Zelaya knew going in that he was allowed one term only. It strikes me as arrogant in the extreme that he thinks he is so indispensible to the country that extending his leadership by any means neccessary was required.

Sounds like a lucrative enterprise.

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