Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Canada should indeed take a Strong Stand on Honduras

I wrote the following as a letter to the editor in the Globe and mail as a response to this transparent piece of propaganda written by Jorge Heine in that paper.
Jorge Heine is right insofar as Canada does need to take a strong stand on Honduras, but he and I have a vastly different understanding of what that one line means, since I disagree with and challenge every other word in his piece.

His suggestion that a coup took place is an outright falsehood, and to refer to imterim President Roberto Micheletti as a "strongman; is about as laughable as one can get, if the situation was not so deadly serious.

Interim President Roberto Micheletti was a democratically elected congressman who is not seeking re-election to congress. He is also a member of ousted President Manuel Zelaya's Liberal party. He was asked to assume the presidency, as per the constitutional line of succession, on an interim basis until what would have been the end of Zelaya's term after the Liberal party controlled Congress voted unanimously to remove Zelaya for having defied a Supreme court ruling against his planned illegal referendum which would have permitted him to change certain articles in the constitution which then would have allowed him to run for president again.
Once again I will refer to Heine's reference to Micheletti as a "strongman", and demonstrate how utterly misleading his statement was, given that Honduras has the one term in a lifetime limit built into the constitution so that no "strongman" could ever rise again in a latin American land which had lived under a succession of dictators prior to the new constitution of 1982. So as to make absolutely certain of this, though some articles in the constutution can hand have been reformed through prescribed mechanisms, the provision for term limits is one of several that cannot be changed for any reason.
Mr Zelaya was removed for having refused to heed the decision handed down by the Supreme Court, and the removal from office was backed up by the armed forces who arrested him and sent him to exile in Costa Rica.
President Micheleti spoke with Greta van Sustern on Fox news, and told her that he will not be running for president, nor can he ver consider doing so, since he has now served as President and is ineligible to run in the November elections.
The western world should realize that if they are on the same side as Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, and Hugo Chavez, it is probably a good idea to go back and re-examine their premises, or better yet stop listening to people like Jorge Heine, and get the facts, free from political colouring.

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