Friday, October 16, 2009

Nice try, Chavez, but Zelaya is NOT being re-instated

What appears to be an effort to restore Manuel Zelaya to the Honduras presidency through disinformation is being thwarted.

an article appeared on Drudge yesterday as Follows:

Deal may return ZelayaOctober 15, 2009
TEGUCIGALPA. Honduran negotiators have reached agreement on ending a political crisis triggered by President Manuel Zelaya's ouster in a June coup.

''We have agreed in a document on point No. 6, which relates to the restitution of the powers of state to where they were before June 28, 2009,'' Mr Zelaya's representative said.

Restoring the state to the situation before the coup would imply Mr Zelaya's return to office, which had been opposed by Robert Micheletti, the head of the coup-backed interim government.

Mr Micheletti and Mr Zelaya must now ratify the agreement reached by their representatives.

My sources in Honduras have gotten back to me with the following:

After much investigation (from reliable sources) this is what I've found out:
1. Zelaya will not be reinstated
2. What is up for debate is who will determine his non reinstatement... Mel wants congress to decide, we want the Supreme Court of Justice to decide
3. Micheletti will not sihn any agreement that includes Zelaya's reinstatement, as it is against the law, against the constitution and against what 80% of the ppl want
4. The AP, Venezuelan and Argentinian Press are responsible for the misinformation for obvious reasons. Vilma Morales, former CJ and part of the negotiating team on our end, has come out publicly asking them to only report what has been officially signed so as to stop this.

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