Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trouble in Honduras

This is a hastily made post, because of the urgency of the matter

there's trouble in Honduras. As many people know, the Supreme Court of Honduras found President Manuel Zelaya in violation of the constitution for trying to hold a referendum that would allow him to seek another term in office. After having lived under successive dictatorships for many years, in 1982, the new democratic government adopted a constution which forbade anyone from serving more than one four year term as president in a lfetime, so that no strongman could ever arise again.
With the backing og Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, Zelaya tried to hold a referenum to change that part of the constitution, the trouble was, that is the one part of the constituion that cannot be amended. Zelaya was removed from power by a unanymous vote in Congress, and the decision was enforced by the military which arrested him and took him to Costa Rica.
This was immediately condemned as a "military coup" by Hugo Chavez, who pulled just such a stunt to perpetuate his power, and he was quickly backed by his socialist sock puppets in the Organization of American States. Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton joined in, in calling it an illegal coup. The Canadian government and several others joined this group on the wrong side of history. Only Israel and taiwan has expressed support for the legitimate government of Honduras.
Now, Zelaya has sneaked back into the country and is holed up at the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa. My sources in Honduras tell me that interim President Roberto Micheletti has declared a curfew, whereby nobody is permitted to leave their homes, and troops have surrounded the Brazilian Embassy demanding that the former President to be handed over. There is a stand-off in progress.
This is a call t all who beleive in freedom, liberty and the sovereignty of bnations to stand up and denounce this attempt to restore a wannabee dictator to power. We need good people to call on our governments to get behind the Micheletti administration and to stop kissing Hugo Chavez, Lula, Fernandez-Kirchner and Castro's socialist behinds. I'll be posting some more stuff on this, but for more background on this situation, please vist my archives from June and July. You will see the truth. Our friends in Honduras need your support!

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