Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama leading us to Global war?

Obama leading us to Global war?

Barack Hussein Obama has reneged on a US promise to provide Missile defense for Poland and the Czech Republic... Why? To appease the revanchiste Russian regime of Vladimir Putin. And to add insult to injury, he has done it on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Invasion of Eastern Poland as per the secret protocols of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty.

Though nominally the President, let's make no mistake about it, Dimitri Medvedev doesn't even take a trip to the loo without Putin first signing off on it, and for Obama to believe he can do business with these people is either a demonstration of an appalling ignorance of history, or a deliberate sellout of western security.

Poland has long been a staunch US ally. Now Poland has been betrayed. So what is Poland to do?

It is my view that as long as Obama is president, the United States is no longer to be trusted or counted on. Ask anyone in Honduras.So Poland, and other countries in Eastern central europe must take measures themselves to protect themselves against Russian aggression.

George W. Bush once stated that he " looked the man in the eye. I was able to get a sense of his soul" John McCain, however, got it right when he said " I looked into Putin' eyes and saw three letters: K-G-B".

Like Chamberlain, Barack Obama seems to believe that appeasing rogue governments is the pathway to peace. In 1936, Adolf Hitler first tested the resolve of western powers by marching a hanful of trrops into the Rhineland. he marched the same troops out and then back in again several times, and the west was sufficiently afraid of confrontation that they let him get away with it. Hitler tested them again over Austria, and then Czechoslovakia and was able to size them up as "liitle worms" as he put it. Had they marched into the Rhinelnad and called Hitler's bluff, the Nazi dictator would have , by his own admission, fallen from power. Instead, the result was a major war 3 years later that took tens of millions of lives and left Europe in ruins.
Now Obama is backing down on all the eastern European allies that George Bush stood up for and John McCain would have stood up for. And even more amazing is that he let his guard down just after the Russians agreed to ship weapons and tanks to the Chavez regime in Venezuela, and is cozying up to Iran.

I believe that Barack Hussein Obama is leading us to just such a war. Chavez is buying these Russian weapons, not to "defend" Venezuela, which has no enemies seriously contemplating, let alone capable of invading them, but rather, he will launch an invasion of Colombia, which as an emerging democracy, threastens to embolden the resistance within Venezuela. he may well ship some tanks to his ally Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, so that an invasion of Honduras will be possible.
Meanwhile, Russia is a clear and present danger. It is my contention that Putin wants to restore the Russian Empire, and realize the longtime Russian goal of getting a warm water southern port. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, which saw many captive nations break away from Moscow's grip. It is enough that it was a humiliation to a once great power, but strategically , it was a disaster. With Ukraine declaring independence, Russia lost Odessa and Sebastopol, their ports on the Black Sea, which allowed them access to the Mediterreanean via the Dardanelles. They now lease the port from Ukraine, which limits them in terms of how it can be used. They also lost huge coal resources, and excellent farmland. Since the ascension of Putin, the Russians have tried to weaken Ukraine, and even brimg her back into the Russian sphere of influence. Note the interference in the last election, and sponsorship of a pro-Russian candidate, and an attempt to poision Viktor Yushchenko. I believe they will interfere in the next elections, and even more ruthlessly, since they have nothing to fear from "Hello Kitty" (as tammy Bruce calls him) in Washington.
He has been massing troops on the Georgian border fro some time now, and will no doubt find some reason to justify inishing off his grudge match aganst President Mikhail Saakashvili and democracy in that small country.
With Ukraine back under his belt, either as a component of the New Russia, or as a puppet state (like Lukashenko's Belarus) Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, The Baltic States and the Czech Republic will come under pressure.
Poland and the Eastern European nations need to take matters in their own hands. After the First World War, Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania had held talks about establishing a Confedracy such as had existed in times past, which had provided some measure of security, and could have provided a bulwark against both an aggressive germany and Russia. Past wrongs and festering animosities prevented it from happening. the result was Ukaine losing its independence an being absorbed by Russia two years later, whil Pland and lithaunia would only enjoy their independence for 20 years. Such a confedration if tried today could work, and keep Russia in check, But the Czech reoublic, Slovakia Estonia, Latvia and Hungary should also be included. Such an entity/alliance could provide for its own defense, and deter Russia.
Georgia, due to Geography, is in a much more difficult position. Logically they shoul ally themselves with Armenia and Turkey, but the Armenian/turkish animosities still run too deep for common sense to prevail, leaving Georgia out in the cold.
It is also possible that the Russian moves in the Caucasus may well be part of a plan for Russia to move into Iran eventually, should Israel take pre-emptive action against the regime in Teheran and heir nuclear project. Russia would then control even more immense oil resources, and have their long sought after southern port.
By his appeasement policies Obama has sent the wrong signals to the wrong people, which could well result in these rogue powers acting to advance some of their long term aims. If this argument needs any more re-inforcement, Obama has now agreed to hold direct talks with North Korea.... So there WAS a price paid to the pot bellied "Dear Leader" after all...
Will China, which sees Taiwan as a renegade province take it as a green light to finally regain face, and settle that old score?
Barack Obama has exposed the United States, the west, and the emerging free republics in Asia and latin America to danger on all sides, and if any of these scenaros do come to pass, we will find ourselves in the midst of a global war that cannot be won without nukes...and the problem is, the other sides have the bomb too... The countries that truly love their freedom must stand firm, an take their defense into their own hands. It is time to stop relying on the USA.

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