Sunday, July 1, 2018

"Yes, it is Legalized Murder...."

...Sighs the Russian abortionist at the end of this video, after attempting to rationalize what she does.

This video is difficult to watch, and by way of warning, features some partial nudity in the form of some female genitalia during the labour stage of the abortion. The woman is obviously in severe pain. There are no pictures of aborted children. It's a six minute segment of what was supposed to have been a 54 minute long documentary on abortion in Russia. They stopped production because of lack of financing.

While the conditions in Russian clinics are somewhat less well-appointed than those over here, one thing that is not different is that in spite of the glamour that the culture ascribes to casual, recreational sex, that the real picture of the consequences is not pretty at all. Abortion is all about suffering. The child suffers as it is being destroyed, and the women suffer physical pain as is shown here, not to mention the mental anguish that will plague them for a lifetime. And, surprisingly, it appears that even some abortionists suffer.

The Russian abortionists , unlike their North American counterparts, who tend to glorify it as a woman's reproductive "rights", acknowledge that their profession is repugnant, and that what they do, despite their justifications, amounts to the murder of another human being.

It is estimated that 80% of all Russian women have had abortions, and that the average woman has between 2 and 10 over their lifetime. You do the math.The numbers are staggering.

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