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Genesis 1-2: Old testament Survey

This is a survey of the books of the Old Testament. I will not be doing a chapter and verse, line by line analysis, but rather a general survey with the goal of introducing these books ad what they are all about to Catholics (and anyone else) who have not yet undertaken to read them for themselves, as many Catholics have told me is the case with them The goal is to demonstrate how the Old Testament is relevant to the New testament, and to the teachings of the Church itself. Above all, I hope to  pique interest and encourage people to read the Old Testament for themselves, and be able to understand it in iys proper context. Today, we look at Genesis 1-2.   To look at others in this series, there will be links to each one in the sidebar .

Genesis 1-2.  In The Beginning.....

The First Chapter in the Book of Genesis, which is generally attributed to Moses deals with  the story of creation.  Two versions are presented.  They are both consistent with one another, although told quite differently.  Also in the first chapter we are introduced to the Trinity. Yes, God reveals that the Godhead is a Trinity, right there in Genesis 1:Verse 2:"...and the SPIRIT of God was moving over the face of the waters" (RSV) & "...God's SPIRIT hovered over the water" (Jerusalem Bible)  26 :”Let US make humankind in OUR image, according to OUR likeness” (NRSV), which right there implies that God had a human person as part of His nature.


The first story of creation itself, whether one chooses to accept it as a literal chronological account of a series of events whereby it happened over a 7 day period of 24 hour days, or whether it was allegorically referring to what God did in his position outside of time, does not matter as much as the clear presentation that A) God created the earth, and all that is in it, the heavens themselves, as well as man and beast, and B) gave man dominion over he earth, and all that is in it and C) expected that He would have a persona relationship with man, in which He would be acknowledged as Father and Lord, and all worship and glory would go to Him, and that His creation and its resources  were to be something for man to enjoy and for which he was to provide responsible stewardship.


The second account of creation found in Chapter 2 centers more on the creation of man, and the role God intended for him in His creation.  Adam, the first man (The word Adam in Hebrew means “Man”) was placed in a garden created, planted and nurtured by God within certain boundaries, and He tests man’s willingness to be subservient to Him, and walk in His way, bu planting one tree, the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, and tells man that he is free to do anything, except to eat the fruit of that one tree.  and then he charges Adam with the task of naming all the animals.  So the second account again hits at God’s ultimate sovereignty, and the limits and boundaries he sets for man, His greatest creation, and man’s dominion over creation and stewardship of it.  The structure He intends in hierarchical, with freedom of will.  God also creates a companion for man. A complementary being who is to be his partner and helpmate in life, who is taken from his own flesh and bone, which sets the stage for God’s plan for marriage,and its indissolubility that is where a couple become one as in bone and flesh, because of a work f God.  Verse 24 reasd: “ Therefore a Man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and they are become one flesh.” (NRSV). And they lived happily ever after.... for a while anyway....

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