Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Five Non Negotiables: A Voters Guide for Serious Christians

In the next 12-16 months , Canada and the United States will be facing national elections.  Canada is scheduled to go to the polls on Oct. 19th 2015 (Though that may mot necessarily happen, as fixed election dates do not have to be honoured according to the Constitution)  while Americans hit the polls on November 8th 2016 to elect a New president, Congress, and 1/3 of the Senate, as well as hundreds of statewide and local races.  In the meantime, Primaries are being held across the country to determine who the nominees will be.

Street Called Straight is a Christian  Conservative publication and we make no bones about that, so obviously we want to see the right kinds of people elected to office to stop and even reverse the years of Progressive secularism  which have shredded the social fabric of our countries.
In light of some recent provincial election results in Canada which have elected horrific secular progressives in  Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward island and most recently Alberta,  Now is as good a time as many  to put out a voter's guide  which will help Christians, especially Catholics, make a sound choice on election day.  For Non-Catholic Christians these guidelines are in line with Christian teaching, and it is strongly suggested they be followed, but for Catholics, observing  the Five Non Negotiables featured in the voters guide is NOT optional.  In fact any Catholic who knowingly votes for a Candidate or party that is on the wrong side of any of these issues, is guilty of aiding and abetting  intrinsically evil policies. 

Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics was published by Catholic Answers  based on The teachings of the Church and papal documents from Pope John Paul II

Without even reading the document, It is fair to say that NO Christian who takes the teachings of Christ seriously may vote for any candidate of either the Liberal or New Democratic Parties (not to mention the Communist Party, Marxist-Leninist Party) as these Parties will not permit a pro-life candidate or one who does not support so-called same sex "marriage" to run under their banner, and have required current sitting members who had described themselves as , and even voted pro-life I the past  to support abortion "rights" and same sex "marriage" and other intrinsic evils.
The Green Party will allow pro-life people to run for them, as far as I know, but as a party  built on Malthusianism, a pro-lifer running for them is a contradiction in terms. 
Only the Christian Heritage Party of Canada is 100%  pro-life (Meaning respect the five Non Negotiables)  There are also many members of the Conservative Party who pass this litmus test too, though there are many who do not.
In the United States, No Democrat passes the test, so Christians who want the right kind of change must choose from Candidates in either the Republican Party or the Constitution Party. Americans will vote several times along the way as primaries  will determine who runs. So Examine their statements (from reputable sources) and their voting records.

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