Sunday, May 10, 2009

Irony of ironies: Russia Celebrates 1945 Victory over Fascism

I am saddened by what has become of Russia since the day Yeltsin left office. I saw Putin for what he was from day one. A tyrant, and a ruthless one at that. Unless one is prepared to do absolutely anything, one cannot rise to the top of a one party system, especially in a country with such a long history of one party rule, and where virtually everybody of age to be anywhere in its administration is a graduate of the KGB or Kommsommol.
Today's Russia is nothing more than a fascist version of the old Soviet Union. Fascism being that the means of prodution are held in private hands, but those "private hands" dare not even go to the loo without Moscow's knowledge or permission.
Thus I find it the ultimate irony that this parade was celebrating the defeat of fascism!
My study of Russian history tells me that Putin is out to realize the dream that all Russian leaders have had since Russia first coalesced as a viable state: Obtaining dominion from the Pacific to the atlantic, and from the Arctic to the Indian. what has eluded them is a warm water coean port in the south. Thus it is not for nothing that they are courting Iran nd encouraging a conflict in the middle east that could result in the destruction or Iran... after all, Bandar Abbas would be a wonderful spot for a port and naval base, and imagine thepower if they could control the Shatt-al-Arab!
It is indeed a perfect storm that is brewing, as Israel and Iran head for conflict (which will result in the destruction of Iran) and a pathetically weak American President who has indiczted that he is ready to sell out Poland and eastern Europe as Chamberlain did in 1939.
Watch Ukraine: the discord that has resulted in the fall of the government there was not accidental...Wacth for a pro-Russian puppet government to win elections later this year...After all, ho long will rissia tolerate having to lease Sebastopol? (a sorry second best to a warm water port on the Indian Ocean).
And finally watch for Russia to test the waters by smahing Georgia militarily later this year. It would give them a great jump-off point to send troops into Iran to "restore order" once Israel bombs them.
Those tanks will roll sooner than one thinks.

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