Sunday, November 2, 2008

The one promise Obama will keep, IF he's elected...and how to stop him.

Barack Obama has a huge political debt to pay... and it's one he will pay willingly, and quickly if he has his way: the guaranteed overwhelmingly Democratic house and senate will present the so-called "Freedom of choice Act" very shortly after Onama is inaugurated.... IF he wins (looks likely but not a done deal yet).

With the stroke of a pen, Barack Hussein Obama, the most pro-abortion candidate ever to be nominated by a major party will erase 35 years of victories by the pro-life activists....

There will be but one constitutional way to stop him:

it is a court challenge at the Supreme Court. 4 of the judges (Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito) are pro-life. 4 are pro-abortion (Ginsberg, Stevens, Souter & Breyer)... Anthony Kennedy is somewhere in the middle. While he would vote against a repeal of Roe vs Wade, he MIGHT vote against such a totalitarian law that shows such utter contempt for life as this.
To that end, should Obama win, God forbid, I would suggest that those of us in the pro-life movement get some respectful, but strongly persuasive letters written to organizations like theAmerican Center for Law and Justice and Human Life International who specialize in fighting for pro-life and traditionalist causes. They should be approached to file Amicus Curia briefs when this is presented, or even launch challenges, injunction requests and as many appeals as possible in case the Supremes rule against us.It just might allow us to run out the clock of an Obama first term, which will hopefully also be his last . Letters to the judges themselves would not be productive, since they have to abide by the letter of the law, and not public opinion. Organizations such as ACLJ and HLI can anticipate the actions of their opponents, and find and close loopholes that liberal justices like to use in order to "read in " what they want in their interpretations of laws and the constitution... But we need to get every pro-lifer we know on the case now, and persuade them to support through prayers and donations the efforts of HLI, ACLJ and others posthaste, since the one promise I believe Obama intends to keep is the so-called "Freedom of Choice Act"... That is the debt payment that Planned Parenthood and NARAL will demand.

Meanwhile, what can we do between now and Tuesday? Pray to God that McCain/Palin will win on Tuesday for the sake of the unborn, and that the US remains a force for good in the world, instead of crossing, possibly irrevocably, over the line, and becoming a force for evil.

What say you?

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