Friday, May 4, 2012

The Bullying Scam: Teacher Bullies Student for Believing in Traditional Marriage

This is what is in store for us if Dalton McGuinty's Liberal Government passes Bill 13. The difference is, there will be no catholic Schools to run to, as the pro-homosexual narrative will be mandated in ALL schools in Ontario. The teacher excoriated him for his beliefs and yelled at him, using all the usual epithets we have come to expect, and then even launched a campaign against the student through the media, other teachers in the school and the Teacher's Union. I believe that this societal obsession with bullying is nothing more than a cover up for a campaign to crush freedom of speech, and force Christianity underground. Here's a little newsflash: Bullying has existed since the dawn of history, and will continue on until the end. No government program will get rid of it, and it is not limited to any one group, like the homosexual lobby would have you believe.In fact, when the government institutionalizes an anti-bullying law such as Bill 13, it actually gives license for teachers and authority figures to bully those whose views they disagree with, with the force of law behind them. The only way to effectively deal with bullies, who are essentially cowards, is by standing up to them. When I was in high school, if they sensed you were easy prey, they went after you. If you got up and gave it right back to them, it would be the last time they ever bothered you. They'd move on to someone else. We do not need a law. What we need are individuals who just stand together and say we won't put up with those who initiate the use of force and violence, verbal or physical against anyone else, for any reason. Can we get back to being a civil society where reasoned discussion prevails, instead of one which relies on government to step in at every turn with force?


Fisher of men said...

I have written a piece on our blog: It relates to this topic. It's titled The latest bullying craze.

Neal Ford said...

The whole bullying obsession can be summed up with one word: ASTROTURF.