Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Redefining Marriage Affects your Liberty

One of the questions many well-meaning supporters of so-called same sex "marriage" like to ask is "How does their same sexc marriage hurt you?" Here Patrick Coffin and Charles Lemandri discuss exactly how the redefinition of marriage impacts your cibvil rights, such as freedom of speech and religion. Lemandri also gives some interesting background as to how the idea of gay marriage, which 15 years ago would have got you laughed out of any room, is now the law of the land in some places, and now tit is those who favour traditional marriage who are held up to ridicule and scorn. I will never forget how when in 1998 NDP MP Svend Robinson, by far the most radically socialist politician in Canada introduced a Private Member's bill calling for so-called same sex "marriage" which was soundly defeated, the irony being that one of the most vociferous opponents of the bill, was none other than "Catholic" finance minister Paul Martin, who a few short years later as Prime Minister would use a whipped vote to ram the current law through Parliament.

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