Saturday, March 31, 2012

Battle Of Vienna, 9-12-1683. Poland Saves Europe from Islam

In 1683, Turkish Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa obtained permission, albeit reluctantly from the Sultan to launch an attack on Vienna, believing that if it was taken, all of Europe would fall to the Islamic caliphate. The Sultan gave him a green silk cord which he was to wear around his neck at all times to remind him of the consequences of failure: Death. By strangulation.

In June his troops laid siege ti Vienna, and by Sept. 12th, the day of the decisive battle, there was no food. people had resorted to eating horses as a last resort. But they held out valiantly.
This film, well made, with excellent explanation of the military strategies, and on the polish King Jan III Sobieski`s reliance on God does somewhat slant to the Austrian side, though the victory could not have been had without the Poles. Their winged Hussars were introduced into battle, and the sound that their winged headgear made as they charged on their horses sent the Turkish forces into disarray. thus Catholic Poland saved Europe from being overrun by the forces of Islam. credit is due also to the grand Duke of Lorraine who Bravely commanded the Austrian forces, while King Leopold had run off to safety in the countryside with two of his mistresses. The Duke put ego aside, and gave the place of honour to Poland in recognition of Sobieski`s experience against the Turks. Thus Jan Sobieski was commander in chief, a rank that the Duke of Lorraine was entitled to as his was the host country.

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