Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mary Undoer of Knots: A Testimonial

Do you believe that prayer can change things?  I do.  On the Eve of the Solemnity of Mary, I went to confession and told Fr.  about a sin that I had committed several months before, whose consequences were still reverberating and  had me on the edge of financial and emotional ruin, and he absolved me as I had long ago repented and taken steps to change the situation, but these steps had yet to bear fruit, and time was running out, fast. I was headed for the wall at terminal velocity.  He gave me my penance, and that was to pray to “Mary Undoer of Knots” . I did the Novena over the next 9 days, and the changes began instantaneously.  The first night (I prayed the first day of the Novena the minute i got home) I felt peace for the first time in months, it then progressed to hope, and then, ultimately to a huge surprise.  15 days after I began the Novena (which i started over on day 10)  I received exactly the amount of money i needed  to pay back my arrears and to carry me through to when my regular stream of income would resume. Not a penny more, not a penny less.

Just as important, perhaps more so than the fact that Mary indeed undid the knots in my life, was the fact that for the first time I really understood Mary and her role, and she became a new mother to me.  It was, and continues to be an incredible experience,  So much so that I had to share it with whoever may be in need of Mary’s intercessory power. 

She is the Queen Mother, after all ,and has the ear of the King Himself.   Don’t believe me?  Look at the Books of  the KIngs. In the Davidic line of Kings of Judah, the Queen Mother is ALWAYS mentioned when a new King is introduced. It was an actual office.  In Fact, (see I Kings 15:9-14) King Asa  removed Maacah, his grandmother, from the office for having made an abominable image to Ashtoreth. (One must assume that Asa’s mother had died before he became king, and this his father’s mother remained in office, but I digress.)  Jesus is the culmination of the line of David, so in the Davidic tradition , Mary is the Queen Mother, and she will always intercede for ANY one of her children who seeks her aid.  Yes, pray directly to Jesus, but also to Mary, You could never have a better or stronger advocate.

 Here are two links to some pages where you can read about Mary in her role as Undoer of Knots and how to say the Novena itself.  This is nothing new, as St Irenaeus who lived in the 2nd century used it. It is becoming better known again, as it is one of Pope Francis favourites.

I hope that by sharing this, someone else might be helped by the intercession of Our Blessed Mother!
These links will open up new windows.

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I know this is a bit late, but thank you so much for sharing this.